How to get to Aranjuez? What to do there?

Updated at 1st February 2022

Where’s Aranjuez?

Aranjuez is a city on the south of Madrid region, situated on the riverside of Tajo, one of the most important rivers in Spain. The city was built in the 18th century for Spanish monarchy as their residence in spring and fall. Aranjuez is characterized by its nice and straight streets that form perfect squares.

The city is proud of its Royal Palace and beautiful gardens. Once built for the Spanish kings, now it is a beautiful place everyone can visit and enjoy.

How to get to Aranjuez?

There are several ways to reach Aranjuez, depending on the starting point of your trip.

By plane to Madrid-Barajas Airport (Adolfo Suarez – Barajas Airport):

Terminals T1-T2-T3:

    • Take the Metro line 8 bound to Nuevos Ministerios. Change to national trains named «Cercanías Renfe» on platform 6 of this station, and take the train there to Aranjuez (line C-3) till end of trip.

Terminal T4:

  • As before, taking Metro Line 8 till Nuevos Ministerios and changing to platform 6 of «Cercan�as Madrid» take the train line C-3 Cercanías Renfe destination Aranjuez.

Our suggestion is take Cercanías Renfe line C-1 there, with destination Príncipe Pío, but you have to get off on Chamartin station and change line to C-3 with destination Aranjuez till end of trip (usually these trains are departing on platform 1-2-3, please, pay attention to the panels on platforms).

By train from Chamartín – Sol – Atocha stations (main Madrid stations)

  • Taking trains line C-3 bound to Aranjuez. These trains take between 60 and 45 minutes (respectively each station) to arrive.
  • If you arrive to Madrid Puerta Atocha Station from other Spanish city, you have to change to the other station placed in the same build but named as Atocha Cercanias. Go to platform 6. The trains leave every 15-30 minutes depending on the time.
    • Price of a single ticket: 4.00 €
    • Check the timetable: (choose Cercanias and select the source and destination stations).

Find out more information, and buy tickets in the offices situated in the main hall of these stations.

By train from/to Cuenca, Valencia, Albacete and Jaén.

  • Take regional trains from/to these cities to Aranjuez station.
    • Check timetables on our website: (choose Media Distancia trains).
    • Fees: Depends on your destination. Will be displayed when you choose the source/destination station.

By bus from Legazpi & Méndez Álvaro (South Bus Station):

There are several lines to arrive to Aranjuez, depending on your destination.

If you want to go Aranjuez city center from Madrid:

  • Line 423 operated by AISA company:can be taken from South Bus Station (Méndez Álvaro) to Infantas Street (Bus station in Aranjuez city center).
    • Check the timetables (just in Spanish) and choose the destination for L423: click here
    • Fees: 4.20 € per trip.
  • Buses operated by SAMAR company destination Aranjuez & Ocaña or other towns: From South Bus Station (Méndez Álvaro) to Infantas Street (Aranjuez city center bus station).
      • Check the timetables (available in English): click here
      • Find out the fees at the Station.
  • Line 429 operated by AISA company: Can be taken from Legazpi (Paseo de la Chopera) to Aranjuez (Barrio/District La Montaña), next to Barceló Aranjuez Hotel and Casino Aranjuez. This bus also stops at Hospital del Tajo and then takes a tour around the district.
    • Check the timetables (just in Spanish: choose the destination for L429): click here
    • Fees: 4.20 € per trip.

In Aranjuez bus station and Madrid South bus station, there are panels with timetables and ticket office where you can ask for information and buy the tickets for your destination. There are no ticket office in Legazpi, there is just a stop on the street. Madrid bus station has a connection with Metro and Cercanias Renfe trains.

If you want to go/come Chinchón and Colmenar de Oreja:

  • Line 430 operated by AISA company: can be taken from Infantas Street (bus station) and Hospital del Tajo.
    • Check the timetables (just in Spanish: choose the destination for L430) click here
    • Fees: 2.00 €

If you want to go Ocaña and other towns/villages near Aranjuez:

  • Take the buses from Infantas Street (bus station) which are operated by SAMAR company.
    • Fees: depending on a destination
    • Timetables: check on SAMAR website (available in English): click here

If you want to go to/come from Toledo city:

  • Line 583 operated by AISA company: This line is only available on weekdays, there are no buses on the weekends.
    • Check the website, prices depends on the day chosen (just in Spanish). Timetables: click here
    • Fees: 4.10 € (can be modified according the company)

On in Aranjuez bus station, there are panels with timetables and ticket office where you can ask for information and buy the tickets for your destination.

By Taxi from Madrid and other towns/village nearby.

Taxi is also available in Aranjuez.

You can contact Radio Taxi Aranjuez by calling +34918911139. Service should be working 24 hours, but if you need taxi at night, please, call before 12:00 AM.

Other transport in Aranjuez:

    • You can rent bikes for the tourists at the train station. Find out more about it in Renfe ticket office inside the train station.
  • City buses: The use of city buses depends on your destination. Sometimes it is better to go on foot. There are 4 lines of city buses and one trip costs 1.30 €.
    • If you want to visit the monumental zone, go on foot. A walk from the train/bus station to Royal Palace will take only 10-15 minutes, and Tourist Office will inform you about the main places to visit.
    • If you want to stay over in Aranjuez, see the list of the hotels and hostels below.
    • If you want to go to any district, check which is the district you want to go to, and take the right line according to the route of each line. Check the routes in our website: click on each bus-line to see the stops: city buses.

To-Do in Aranjuez

    • Take the «Strawberry train» (Tren de la Fresa) which every year departures from Madrid Delicias station to Aranjuez. The train offers you a re-enactment of the trip of the Kings of Spain who travelled to Aranjuez in spring and fall. More information in English on the Tren de la Fresa can be found: click here.
    • Visit the Royal Palace and Gardens, the Barge Museum and Bull Square Museum, and other interesting places in this city. For further information, visit Aranjuez tourist office on Plaza de San Antonio 9, next to the arches, or click here (English version).

Check the route guides:

To get to your hotel, use the following public transport:

    • NH Hotel: San Antonio 22, Aranjuez – In front of the Palace, on foot or by city buses 1, 2, 3 and 4.
    • Barceló Aranjuez:Plaza de la Unesco 1 – La Montaña District – city bus 4, suburban bus 429 and taxi. In front of the Hospital and Casino.
    • Atempo Apartments: Principe 71 – city center . city bus 1, suburban 423 and 430, taxi.
    • El Cocherón: Montesinos 22 – city center .city bus 1, suburban 423 and 430, taxi.
    • Santa Marta Hostel: Infantas 19 – city center, in front of bus station . city bus 1 and 4, suburban 423, 430, and SAMAR buses.
    • Hostal Real: Infantas 6 – next to the bus station, city center: city buses 1, 4 and 5, suburban 423, 430, and taxi.
    • Hostal Castilla: Andalucía 98 city center – city bus 3 and taxi.
    • Hotel Mercedes: Carretera Madrid 15 – city center, next to Tajo bridge: city bus 4 and 5, suburban 423, 430, and SAMAR buses.
    • Hotel Jardín de Aranjuez: Principe 26 – city center: city bus 1, suburban 423, 430, and taxi.
    • Camping Aranjuez, sited on Antigua Carretera Nacional IV, km 46.800. Near to El Castillo Restaurant, crossing the Prince Garden.

Buy tickets for public transport

  • Tourist card can be bought on internet (you have to buy Zone T for Aranjuez): click here
  • Tobacconist Shop:
    • 31, Foso Street – Aranjuez
    • 45, Almibar Street – Aranjuez
    • 124, Almibar Steet – Aranjuez

Please, contact us for additional information on how to get to any place. Send an email to, call Aranjuez Tourist Office (0034 918910427), or go directly to the Tourist Office on Plaza de San Antonio 9 which is next to the arches (you have to cross the square if you come from the Royal Palace).